Wednesday, May 1, 2013

36 Weeks Pregnant 9 months!

LOOK WHO IS 9 MONTHS!!!! HA! I made it ;-)
So this week I am 36 weeks pregnant. Remember how a few weeks ago I was having a lot of shooting pains in my cervix? WELL I WAS RIGHT! LOL Doc checked me and I am 3 cm dilated and very thin babies head is very low. SOOOO this means that I could go into labor any day now. EACK! LOL if I make it to my 37 week appt. when he checks me if I am any further along he will send me to labor and delivery to be monitored then decide if he will be moving up my repeat c-section. So next week may be the week! Ready of not! Oh and I asked doc why I am having weird sore pains in my stomach and he said that I'm probably contracting but it's not noticeable but the contractions are making my stomach sore.
Well since my doctors visit I have been running around crazy trying to get things cleaned and finished  I still need to put a few things on the nursery wall and I want to get a few chores done around the house. Like wash all the bedding scrub all the showers, fun stuff. I'm full fledged NESTING mode!
Big sister said she is not ready for a crying baby yet LOL! As for me I am up to 24 lbs and I had promised myself 25 was my max so I AM ready ;-) soon as I finish cleaning and putting the nursery together LOL!

And boy am I lucky, I chanced it and went to the coast 4 hours away this weekend. I will not be making that trip again for awhile HA! Here are hubby and I...

36 weeks pregnant! 9 Months WHOO HOO!


35 Weeks Pregnant

35 weeks pregnant and let me tell you about the most AMAZING feeling I had this week! Baby had her self shoved up on my stomach. As I was sitting there.....waiting for my Sonic order ;-).....I felt what felt like breathing movements coming from you. It was so amazing and sweet. I looked it up and yes many woman explain how at a rare moment you can feel your baby practicing their breathing in your belly. SOOOOO SWEET!
Almost have the nursery done. Got the rocker glider and painted that bad boy white LOL! Just need to put a few things on the walls!

35 weeks!

Oh look I bought a maternity top ;-)


34 pregnant

At 34 weeks I did my hospital tour. TOTALLY bumbed that my husband didn't get off work in time to go....really I was not happy.
Anyways....I got to see the beautiful hosptial I will be delivering at. Where to go when I come in, the room to wait for my c section, where I will recover and the room I will be in afterward. The nurses are so nice there. They also told us all about the technology they have and baby monitoring.
My doctor visit went great. I told him about the sharp shooting pains in my cervix that I have been having. He said it's perfectly normal. The baby is just pushing down on the cervix. He also gave me a prescription for my lovely acid reflux. OH BTW a maternity pillow REALLY does help with this too. LOVE MINE! I went over all my millions of questions/concerns I had about my RCS. And we set a date for 39 weeks so on May 20th. I have to be there at 5:30 in the LOL. Oh and I had to go get blood work done to make sure my iron levels are good to go for the surgery.
I finished the LAST piece of the bedding this week YAHHHH! Putting that bed skirt on was a tough one but I got it ;-).
Did I mention this baby girl has the hicups like at least twice a day EVERY DAY!

Here I am 34 weeks pregnant!

33 Weeks

33 Weeks pregnant and I have SOOOOOOOOOO much heart burn and acid reflux it SUCKS! I went shopping with my 8 year old this weekend and got just about everything we still needed for baby. I have washed everything...just need to get the carpets cleaned and put her dresser in her room. She is moving a lot too. OH! And I got the car seat installed WHOO HOO! ;-)
Let's see what else, I made my list of what I need to get packed and all the important info. and numbers I need written down.

And here is my belly shot! 


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DIY Bassinet Sheet - Arms Reach Co sleeper

Well I had two bassinet sheets and neither one fit the Arms Reach Co Sleeper we got. So I figured I could make some :-).
Here is my first sheet....

Cotton Jersey Knit
1/4 inch elastic
Sewing machine
Coordinating thread
measuring tape
Iron and ironing board

I used a super cute jersery knit that I had left over from making a onesie gown ;-). It's stretchy and pertty!

Measure your bassinet mattress. Then cut fabric that is 10 inches wider and longer. Then on each corner you will need to cut a 5 inch square out. I marker my square on one end, then folded my fabric so I could cut it all at one time.

Now pin the end points of where you cut right sides together and sew. Do this to each corner. Make sure you back stitch.

When you turn it right side out it will look like this.....BTW heat up your iron.....

Now the fun begins. HA! ;-). Iron down a 1/4 seem all the way around. Then fold it over again and iron down. Pin your elastic all the way around on top of the seem you have ironed down. Make sure the elastic is over the seem. Set your sewing machine to your longest zip zag stitch and the stitch length to a 3. Now start sewing. As you are sewing pull on the elastic to stretch it.

And ta-da! Here is your sheet!